Customers View is the Best Monitoring System

SiPnMs Monitor your Multimedia Network in perspective of a customer

What is SIPNMS?

SIPNMS uses the ability of signaling messages(ie SIP,H.323,ss7) to traverse any node in voice or video network to monitor operation status of nodes. SIPNMS can be configured to send different sip messages (ie invite, options, sip simple message) and wait for any response (100 trying, 180 ringing, 404 not found).

Users can use this flexibility to monitor any node in the voice or video network. Example scenarios are used to explain how to monitor different nodes.

This can be used to monitor from simple server using SIP options to complex IMS network or VOIP system involving GSM, CDMA switches.

SIPNMS sits on the cloud and acts as your voice client to monitor your multimedia network.

What SIPNMS can do for you?

Your network management system will use icmp and SNMP to monitor connectivity and nodes, SNMP traps are used to receive alarms when nodes change their status. But they won't really say that your service is available to users. With modern network architectures and IMS deployments, lots of nodes involve and connected intricately in signaling flows ( P-CSCF, I-CSCF, Application servers, PCRF, SPDF, A-RACF etc). Malfunction in one node can cause problem and your NMS might not alarm it to you. If there is a problem in any of the nodes finding it also could take significant time.

SIPNMS can address problems faced by from standalone sip account provider in the web, Enterprise to carriers, to monitor any multimedia service to the end in customers view. You can even configure SIPNMS to point to exact faulty location with proper configuration.

What you need to use SIPNMS?

You need a sip connectivity to internet which has the connectivity to any node you need to monitor the inside network.