Example Scenarios


Standalone SIP Server


 Stand Alone server Monitoring

Figure 1.1

As per the Figure 1.1 SIP NMS can be configured send a SIP Options message to remote server under monitoring. SIP NMS will use returning message to determine the operational status of the SIP server.

Message Script


IP Centrex Voice network


Following diagram shows an example carrier voice network which includes several nodes connected through different signaling protocols. Figure 2.1 shows a diagram of the network

ip centrex
Let's see how to use SIPNMS to monitor each of bellow network elements.

  1. SBC
  2. IP Centrex server
  3. Media server
  4. PSTN breakout gateway
  5. Tandem Gateway
  6. Other operator Switch.
1. SBC

SIPNMS will send SIP OPTIONS and wait for 200 OK or 501 “not implemented” message (example is waiting for 200 OK only). If the above message script is executed SIP NMS will consider element under monitor is up.

Message Script

Message Script

2. IP Centrex Server


message diagram of centrex

As per the above script SIPNMS will send an SIP INFO message where this message will pass-through SBC and IP Centrex server will respond with media not supported. In your case you can discover a type of message which would traverse only up the node you need to monitor and it will then send some response.  If SIPNMS receives this message it assumes device under monitor is functioning to reply with the message. Clincher is that any alteration in the normal operation will result in different message.

Message Script

3. Media  Server

media server message flow
Number D is a IVR in media server and SIPNMS waits for 200 ok for invite sent by SIPNMS.

Message Script


4. PSTN Gateway and Tandem switch

SIPNMS will send a SIP INVITE to Number which has routing only up to Tandem gateway and return “no route found”

5. Other Operator Switch

Number B is other operator number terminated to particular Switch but there is not subscriber attached to that. If SIPNMS receives number not in use that means all nodes and links up to that particular node is operational. if that operation plays an announcement you can use 183 session progress message to monitor it. But don't forget to disconnect the session by sending the cancel at the end

6. Registration cache of IP Centrex server and SBC

Number C is a phones registered on IP Centrex sever through SBC, if SIPNMS receives 180 ringing that means registration of centrex server and SBC which are under monitoring are working fine.

Message script

message script register cash


  IMS Network



ims nodes

IMS networks consist of large number of nodes with different protocols; failure in proper function of single node can result in customers experiencing issues. As long as SIPNMS is connected using sip it will continue to monitor your IMS network in the perspective of customer.

Defining message scripts will be similar as in the case of IP Centrex. Proper formation of message scripts is up to you and it will help you to quickly isolate the faulty node in seconds.

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