1. Create/Edit an Object

  2. Create/Edit Message Script

  3. Trace

Create/Edit an Object


Objects are the nodes you need to monitor. These nodes can be nodes supporting SIP or any node behind which can be reached by any type of signaling message though the node directly connected to SIPNMS. Node connected to SIPNMS should support SIP (session initiation protocol).


Create Object


1. Object Name

You should enter a name for the object under monitor. Then you can use this name to identify the node. .

2. IP Address

IP Address field is Host Name or IP address of node which you can use to communicate directly to monitor itself or proxy though it.

3. From Number

This number will be used “from” filed of all outgoing sip messages

4. To Number

This number will be used “To” filed of all outgoing sip messages

5.Message Script

You can select the message scripts you created under the “create message script”. There will be two message scripts available for any new accounts. One is using ring and disconnect message and other one is using sip options to monitor the node silently.

6. Refresh Interval

Refresh interval entered in seconds determine how often SIPNMS executes assigned message scripts to check an object is alive. Ex: if Refresh interval is 60 seconds it will monitor the node in every 1 minute.

7. Hello counter

This value will determine how many times proper execution of message script failed before SIPNMS declares the node under monitor is down. When sending message even in normal operation it is normal for failure of message scripts, Due to network congestion or lost of packets, in such situation it is not required to declare node is down. You can use this parameter to fine tune your results

8. Alarm Method

You will receive alarms using email and SNMP traps; sms alarm is still on our roadmap. You can select any method you would like to receive alarms.

9. Mobile Number

You need to enter the mobile number to which you would like to receive alarms as SMS.

10. Email

If you select Email under Alarm method you should enter your email address where you would like to receive alarms thorough email

11. SNMP Server to receive traps

Please specify the SNMP trap collector if you are ready to receive SNMP traps


Create/Edit Message Script


create message script

Message scripts let you define what messages and when SIPNMS should and receive messages. First you need to enter a Message script name that is required for you to identify that message script in the later time.
Any script starts with “begin” and ends with “end”.

Once you select add row it will let you select command. Command can be waittoreceive or waittosend. These terms are self-explanatory. waittoreceive command instruct system to wait for the message specified under the Message column for time specified in Time column.

Message script cannot be started with waittoreceive.

Waittosend command will send specified message under message column after waiting for time specified in time column. Message scripts should always starts with waittosend command.

Note:- Time parameter in first waittosend row is ignored by the system and assigned by the system internally distribute the load of different users.






Trace is a utility where you can observe messages received and sent by selected object. You can also observe commands in action when SIPNMS sent and receive messages.

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