Open source web based click2call for Broadworks


Who can benefit from this software?

  • Broadworks Providers.
  • Customers of Broadworks.

    Broadworks Providers

    The software enables Broadworks providers to offer their customres to add a "contact us" button to their websites. once website visitor visits the webpage, it will prompt him to enter his own telephone number. then it will connect both website visitor and broadworks cusotmer.

    First customer needs to login and setup his account. Once logged in, customer can generate a html of a iframe. Then the customer can paste this html code on his web page. After that when anyone visits this web page he will see the option to dial the customer. He will have to enter his own number and Broadworks connect two parties. (Customer and person who visits web site)

    Customers of Broadworks.

    Even if your Broadworks operator doesn't provide this service, customer himself can host the software and offer the webbased click2dial. Since this uses customers own webportal username and password, you don't need any support form yoru operator, but you need to have feature called "Client Call Control" assigned under your account.

    How it works

    Since customer using his broadworks webportal username and password, When the customer logs in, this software saves sha hashes of the customer password and username. Then it will be using that information to initiate click to dial functionality from broadworks when someone initiated a call from web. In case Broadworks webportal password is changed, user has to logged into the software once, so that it will update password hashes.


  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Download Location


    1. Make sure your server has PHP >=5 installed.
    2. Unzip the files and place them on your webserver.
    3. Create database named "click2dial"

      Ex: create database click2dial;

      Apply "click2dial.sql" to your database.

    4. OR

      type bellow commands
      mysql -u <database username> -p .Ex (mysql -u root -p)
      create database click2dial;
      use click2dial;

         CREATE TABLE `PhoneInfo` (
      `Id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `encrpt` text NOT NULL,
      `Phone_No` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      `Password` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
      `Captcha` varchar(5) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (`Id`)

    5. Change "config.php" according to your database and broadworks server settings.


    Getting Started

    Once you have finished installation and configuration, it is time to move to testing the service. You need to use a browser to open the index.html file in the web-root directory of your web server. Once you open it with your browser, it will prompt you to enter username and password. loing screen

    Please enter username and password of your broadworks web portal. If system works fine, you will be logged into the system once software get your username and password authenticated with web server. (please make sure "client call control" feature is assigned to your account).welcome screen

    As per above figure, you can disable your account and set the captcha option to avoid bots dialing your hotline using scripts. Iframe can be used to generate the code that should be added to your website.

    Once you have copied the iframe code, you can paste it in places like contact page of your website, or for testing you can create a test html file in your pc and paste the code. Then you can open the file with browser so that iframe will load the dialing box form your server (as shown bellow figure).

    dial box


    Open a Ticket


    Security Features

    Captcha to Avode bots dialing to hotline using scripts

    Wish List

  • Manual black listing of IPs - to block users using the service in annoyed way
  • Automatic Black listing - block users who are trying repeatedly to call in short period of time
  • Session black listing - blacklist sessions, who are generaing too many cals in a short duration
  • User configurable Iframe code genration