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Why Use Sipnms?

It is possible that your ip pabx is faulty while all your monitoring systems based on PING and SNMP says it is up and running. It is possible that your process is crashed or you have misconfiguration on route table.

Sipnms can send the types of sip messages selected by you and wait for sip responses as specified by you. Using this method you can send messages to any node in your network.

Method we Use

  • You need to define a first contact point (sbc or sip server) in your network . this should support sip and connected to internet.
  • Then you need to find a sip message which reaches the node you need to monitor.
  • Then you need to define a message script to send the first message as previously selected message.
  • Use the trace view to see response and continue to complete message script.
  • If you are not sure about any step, please email us, we will do it for you.


Flexibility of sipnms lets us monitor all most all the voip nodes inside our network reliably and their support is commendable.

- Collin Ray - Experienced IT Manager, Casa Inc.

"Peace of mind". That is what sipnms gives us. If no alarm from sipnms means that our customers can make calls.

- Ron Voelker - Voip Engineer , Snapcart Pvt ltd - Grocery delivery.